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February 26, 2011

MEGAMIND Blu-ray DVD Combo Pack

The Megamind Blu-ray DVD Combo includes:

  • The Animators’ Corner (1080p): The film’s commentary track (see below) presented in a picture-in-picture format, occasionally showing the participants but intercutting various storyboards and computerized previsualization sequences. Additionally, the commentary cuts out for the occasional behind-the-scenes segment with cast and crew that showcase the animation process and offer on-set interviews with the cast. The secondary video box is just the right size and the various features are interesting in terms of both the examination of the story and various technical tidbits that delve into the making of the movie.
  • Trivia Track: Watch the movie with a pop-up trivia track that occasionally appears to offer some background tidbits on the movie.
  • Comic Creator (1080p): Users may choose from nine scenes and add to them their own pre-chosen words, phrases, and symbols, comic book-style. Users can also save their creations for playback at a later time.
  • Behind the Mind (1080p): Users may learn more about Megamind by selecting any one of the four options presented on-screen and scrolling through various conceptual artwork: Hideouts, Inventions, Vehicles, and Megamind: Good & Evil.
  • Meet the Cast of Megamind (1080p, 9:26): The voice actors share their thoughts on the film and the characters they play, while crew analyze the film and discuss the actors who lend their voice talents to the film.
  • Deleted Scene (1080p, 1:36): “The Toothbrush Scene.”
  • Inside Megamind’s Lair (1080p, 7:17): A look at the design of the Megamind character; his costumes; the evil contraptions seen around his lair; the look of the vehicle he pilots at the end; and the design of his companion, Minion.
  • AnimatorMan (1080p, 2:01): An all-too-brief look at the critical role of animators and the acting they must perform in order to accurately depict the characters.
  • You Can Draw Megamind (1080p, 13:14): Story Artist Andy Schuler guides viewers through the process of pencil-drawing Megamind.
  • Mega Rap (1080p, 1:01): A Megamind-themed Rap tune.
  • The Reign of Megamind — Video Comic Book (1080p).
  • Spot the Difference (1080p): A game that challenges viewers to look at two nearly-identical drawings and locate the subtle differences. Available to play on three difficulty levels.
  • Filmmakers’ Commentary: Director Tom McGrath, Producers Lara Breay and Denise Nolan Cascino, and Writers Alan Schoolcraft and Brent Simons guide viewers through the project with an affable tone that doesn’t fall victim to the pitfalls of the multiparticipant commentary where the thoughts become jumbled under irrelevant chatter and laughter. This is the full version of the commentary that plays during parts of the picture-in-picture video feature. Available with optional English, French, Spanish, and Portuguese subtitle options.
  • World of DreamWorks Animation (1080p): Listen to music from and view various advertisements for Kung Fu Panda, the Shrek films, Madagascar, and How to Train Your Dragon.
  • Previews (1080p): Kung Fu Panda 2, Rango, and ‘Megamind’ THQ Game Trailer.
  • Megamind: The Button of Doom (1080p, Dolby TrueHD 7.1, 15:22): An all-new animated short feature starring characters from the film.
  • DVD Copy

I picked up a copy, hopefully I’ll get to see it this weekend!

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