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February 9, 2011

Nowhere Boy.  A movie about John Lennon (played by Kick Ass Aaron Johnson) and the mothers in his life: Julia Lennon and Mimi Smith.

John Lennon and Mimi Smith

Blu-ray Extras:

“Deleted Scenes” (3:55) include a moment of bedroom discomfort between John and Julia, and a scene of vulnerability between John and one of his girlfriends.

“The Making of ‘Nowhere Boy'” (7:46) probes the cast and crew for their feelings on John Lennon, and how they approached the daunting task of documenting his early life. It’s a brief featurette stuffed with clips, but the chats are enlightening, revealing a certain caution about the project.

“‘Nowhere Boy: The Creation of John Lennon and The Beatles” (13:10) returns to the creation of the film, this time bringing in some music experts and even Yoko Ono (for a brief flash) to explore the story behind the story. Again, more film clips than interviews are offered here, with the featurette only capturing a moderate historical perspective.

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