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November 1, 2010

Oh the places you will go! If you have gotten that business or other income source underway, you can feel free to grab your sweetie and dash off to somewhere abroad that neither of you has ever visited before. If, on the other hand, you are not quite satisfied with the way your new business is advancing, perhaps you had better make your journey a quick long weekend jaunt somewhere and return to work right away. The stars are urging you go. But common sense tells you that you need to have everything booming before taking off as in your absence, things could definitely go awry. At this stage there is another influence appearing on the horizon. Someone – could very well be a Dragon and a woman – feels obliged to assist you in your quest for freedom from want and from being tied down to one location. This person has just the connections you need to get the recognition you want. Do be cautious in dealing with this character. Don’t be too forthcoming or seem to be fawning or flattering. The wheels are already in motion. A reference has been given to the proper authorities. If you need a permit, a loan, a contract of some sort, your sponsor has already arranged for you to be seen and heard by those who make the decisions. One of your children is far away right now. You are not exactly worried about him or her. But you sorely miss their company. Perhaps the weekend jaunt you allow yourself at the beginning of the month ought to serve as a brief visit to your far flung son or daughter. Make sure they know you are coming in advance. Nothing kids hate worse than being surprised by visit from mooning parents. Romance is looking up. I you took my advice and ironed things out in October, your couple should be enjoying newfound harmony. If you are single, mid November promises to introduce a charming love interest into your life. Your health is hearty now and you have a positive attitude. Share some of that health and sunny disposition with those close to you -especially with your new main squeeze.

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