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August 9, 2010

Banana Republic Sandhust Fall 2006 MSRP: $298

When I saw this bag in 2006, I knew there was something special about it.  The problem was back then was that I wouldn’t drop $298 plus tax on a bag.  But there was just something about that bag that was special.   I think it was a combination of the size, the color and the design.  I frequented Banana Republic.  Looked at the bag, admired it, touched it, loved the shape, the color, had just the right amount of pockets.

I wanted it, wished for it.  I even contacted Banana Republic and asked if they still had it in stock after the Fall Season was over.  I  was patient about it and lo and behold I found it on ebay for a little over $100.  It was worth the wait and every penny.

They say in a woman’s closet you must have one black bag and one brown.  This fit the bill for the brown bag requirement.  It may not be an LV or Chanel  but I’m sure this design and style is timeless.

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