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May 10, 2010

On Saturday after having done most of the weekend chores, I decided to go for an adventure to Tilden Park.  I’ve lived in the East Bay for almost 7 years and I have only driven through Tilden Park once with my husband.  Other than that, I have never set foot in that area.

I wouldn’t really consider myself as a “nature person”.  Green is fine, I just feel more comfortable in the concrete jungle.  I guess that is what happens when one spends their formative years in a metropolitan area.  I love beaches.  I never really liked forests or lakes.  Tilden Park is more of a forest/lake area.

I got my GPS, entered Tilden Park and drove as that robotic voice started to give me directions.  It was an insane drive uphill, extremely steep I thought I was going to kill my Honda Fit.  I managed to get to the park.  I drove along the windy roads…

Driving along, figuring out where to stop or park the car

Lakeview!  Sounds promising.  I parked the car hoping I’d get to see a lake.

Walk down the trail…

Nice, a BBQ area.  Keep on walking…

I came across a halt.  It looked like a steep ravine.  I saw the lake miles away.  I looked around.  It was just me.  No one else.  It felt like a freaking scary movie.  I turned around, headed back to car and drove away.

It wasn’t so bad.  I guess the paranoia kicked in.  I’ve seen too many news reports of so and so went for a hike and then boom, after several hours could not be found.  The park is still fun and I would recommend it for group trips.    I kept driving through the park, hoping to head back over to Berkeley then I saw….



Not a bad weekly adventure.  The next time I go to the park I’ll take the husband or friends or both and maybe next time we’ll get to see the lake.

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