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HONDA FIT : 2007

May 4, 2010

When I moved to the Bay Area, I figured, I didn’t need a driver’s license right away.  I waited till 2006.  As part of my goals that year, I decided to do the following:

1. Take the written test

2. Take a refresher course via Berkeley Driving School

3. Take the actual exam

4. Buy a car

Unknowingly I did manage to set those goals and accomplish all of them.

I took the written exam, got my permit.  Enrolled myself in the Berkeley Driving School (had a hippie teacher who pretty much philosophized while driving around).  I then took the actual test with the Driving School’s car because I refused to touch the husband’s pride and joy and then decided to buy one for myself.  I ended up getting a 2007 Black Honda Fit.

That car is AMAZING.  ABL steal of a deal.  I got it at a local Honda Dealer.  I could have done better looking back but it was well worth every penny.  I got the sport version.  It helped me through the move, taken me to several places.  I just need to overcome my freeway fears and hopefully I can drive it all the way to LA.  The car is compact but with it’s foldable seats you get to jenga your way with tons of stuff!  Lots of room!  We once fit 8 tires and rims in the back of the car.  It’s not a gas guzzler.  It’s a four door too.  For a starter car, this is the one to get.

You can never go wrong with a HONDA.

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