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March 14, 2010

Costco is the biggest membership warehouse club chain.  If you’re buying in bulk, Costco is the place to go.

Costco is also known as the $1.50 Cafe.  For $1.50 you get a hot dog and a soda.

Someone also told me, Costco was the best place for a cheap date on a weekend.  Bring your friend or date, hit the huge tv’s first to check out what’s showing (just like being in a drive in without the car), then hit the tasting areas for something to munch on.  In tough times like these, ABL thinks this isn’t so bad…

Used to be the best place for DVDs.  Not anymore.  You’d have to look around.  Sometimes Amazon, Best Buy, Target or Walmart is going to be cheaper.  Usually first week of release you get the best deal.  Or just stream it on Netflix.

Louisiana Hot Links.

After Costco…off to TARGET.

Target  is turning into a Super Target too.  A side of me is secretly stoked, I don’t have to travel to different places to pick up stuff.  I see it as a time saver.  Another part of me is scared.  What is happening to this world?  I don’t want Target, Walmart, Best Buy and Amazon to be our only options.  I still want the variety.

I also saw these…

OMG!  Menudo revived!  I was a Menudo fan when Ricky Martin was still part of the group.  I even saw them in concert.  This is pre Backstreet Boys, N’Sync, Jonas Brothers.  The original boy band trend came from Puerto Rico.

Rainbow Brite?  I’ve seen a revival of toys, TRANSFORMERS, POUND PUPPIES, MONCHICHI, MY LITTLE PONY… are people running out of ideas?

Times are tough and we’re going back to basics.  I say go back even further.  When I was young my grandmother would always say we were spoiled.  This was the age pre gameboy, PS3, DSi, Wii, Leapsters, cameras and the like.   When she was young, all she had was a paper bag and her imagination.

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