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Welcome to America Guyito!

October 18, 2005

It’s like rehab…Day two and I’m glad I still manage to enter something into my blog.

From the amazing cool hunter pinagbiyak na bunga Tamtaro…RADIO ACTIVE SAGO PROJECT “Mr. Pogi In Space”.

I’m currently listening to this song which is highly recommended by my partner in cool hunting, Tamtaro. The beginning of the song sounds like “Girl/Boy from Ipanema”. This song has the classic bossanova sound with a signature Pinoy touch. I wouldn’t really classify the lyrics as walang katuturan. One word I guess to describe the song, aliw. Because of its’ kababawan. Kababawan is the essence of being Pinoy.

Mr. Pogi in Space, saviour ng human race, nasaan ka na ba Mr. Pogi?
For more information on the Band: and if you’re interested in purchasing the album to fellow Pinoys here abroad, check out REELPLUS or KOLEKSYON in Daly City.

Enough with the plug, on to other news…

Mabuhay Guyito!

I met up with my cousin Raffy last Sunday in Downtown SF to hang out and pick up stuff from my Tita Garnet and imported smut (Pinoy FHM bay-beee!) for Sharkie.

He was very nice enough to hand carry one of my favorite Pinoy character’s created by Philippine Daily Inquirer cartoonist, Jess Abrera, GUYITO.

I thought it was going to be as small as the stuffed Guyito I imported from Manila last January. Apparently, this commemorative 20th anniversary edition was bigger.

I want to continue to promote Guyito to fellow Pinoys here in the US. Why? He is the epitome of an OCW (Overseas Contract Workers) or OFW (Overseas Filipino Workers). Like the carabao or kalabaw, most of these Pinoys work themselves to death. They are persistent, hard working and loyal to their employers. Mabuhay ka Guyito! Mabuhay ang OFW!

I find comfort in Guyito. He is a constant reminder of the Philippines, which I will always fondly refer to as HOME.

Sorry Sharkie, another furry stuffed being that may annoy the hell out of you. MWAHAHAHAHAHA.

Out with cousin Pidu. Of all the cousins in the either side of the family, Pidu is the one whom I’ve grown up with. Perhaps it has to do with the fact that we’re two years apart. The first two apo’s from the Father’s side of the family. We both grew up spending a lot of time with Lola and Tita G. We went to the US together twice and I remember the times we would get on each other nerves.

This is Pidu’s second trip out to the US since I’ve moved here. It’s fun having family visit. Seems like only yesterday we were hanging out in Yakal and now we’re both married and you have little Estelle!

Lamon partner!

I’ll be seeing Pidu again sometime this week cause he’s going to be picking up his Panasonic Lumix FZ-20. Asianbargainlady strikes again!

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  1. October 18, 2005 11:19 am

    oh my gosh! it’s pidu! i haven’t seen him in ages! he was a close friend of my older sister carla. 🙂

  2. October 18, 2005 1:18 pm

    Para kang bird, para kang airplane

    Coff alis na ako tomorrow, I’m going to miss vonage-ing and manang preparing my tea

    • October 18, 2005 2:42 pm

      Re: Para kang bird, para kang airplane

      Kaya mo yan tams! Super excited for you! MAG ALA ALEX GARLAND KA!!!! Dog din yun alam mo ba??? 😀

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