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Friday the 13th 2005

May 13, 2005

Tams, if you read this, thanks for the link of the birthday thingie. Nice way to start the day.

I should FOCUS on starting up my own business and stop being someone else’s chimay.

I haven’t been posting anything lately for public viewing. I’m back to blog writing but have kept most of them private. Since I started to write again, most of my postings are rants about how shitty things are and I just felt I didn’t have to unload all that to everyone else in the world.

As years go by I notice my spelling and grammar getting worse. I have several theories as to why my brain cells are deteriorating and they are as follows:
– all the fumes from the cleaning substances (Since I turned into the DH that I am today)
– the tap water (conspiracy?)
– just the dumbing daily routine at work.


I doubt this is a case of Alzheimer’s although since we saw the Notebook my husband constantly pokes fun at me. Ako raw si Gena Rowlands. RIGHT.

Maybe it’s in the air. Life it seems is turning into this dumbing depressing routine.

Most of my friends are tired of work, they want to get out of their dead end jobs but can’t because of bills.

1. Golden Rule – He who has the Peso has the say so
2. Huwag Kang Magsasalita ng Tapos
3. Pera lang katapat mo

I don’t think I’ve turned into a cynic. Like Nick Cassavetes who directed The Notebook. He said I’ve never really experienced that kind of love (pertaining to the relationship of the two characters or as I would highlight it, pagkamartyr ni James Garner sa asawa niya throughout all these years) but I know it exists.

Back to work.

I have to head over to the salt mines. I thought I was going to work later but looks like I’m still going to be there before 10am. Can’t really rely on some people and wouldn’t want to leave my partner in crime, Kumar to go monkey crazy.

Pictures will be uploaded on my next entry.

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