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March 4, 2004

The Titanic is finally sinking. Last Tuesday 4 people got sacked at work. 3 Technicians and the other accountant. That was freaky. I talked to my ex coworker about it. “Throw out the deck chairs!” That same day I was surfing and I saw a job opening so I rushed and redid my resume to custom the need of this company. I had a few errors with tenses. Karen noticed it but submitted it the right away so right now I’m just crossing my fingers.

Hopefully I’ll get a to the phone interview and then if I’m really lucky, get a job. Let me rephrase that, it’s not all about luck. I hope they see that I’m fully qualified. It’s a foot in the door. It’s near home. No more BART commutes so here’s to hoping. Also, it would be a pretty cool birthday gift for my dad 😀

I went to the city for my usual visits. I had lunch with Lenie then coffee with Showru, saw Eduardo at Starbucks and then met up with Mark back at Lenie’s office. Got stuff at the Container Store and perhaps when I have a bigger place that I own, I’ll have an ELFA system put up.

I got home a little before 7pm. We returned overdue videos at Blockbuster and then Furfur and I had dinner at Barney’s. Furfur’s favorite Western Chicken sandwich joint. I tried the Falafel today. Not bad. In the middle of dinner Auntie Vivian called and so we headed over to her daughter Shirin’s apartment in Emmeryville. Chit chat then went to Best Buy to get Tammy’s copy of School of Rock (a movie which really rocks) and then headed home.

Today is back to the dungeon. Not really looking forward to it when everything is kinda edgy. Unfortunately we have to face the realities. Reality is, it’s a lost cause. But then again who knows. There are just some things in this world that are unexplainable and unpredictable.

look for opportunities
make march bill calendar
continue ramon magsaysay research
work on mark reyes’ film
go to grocery


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