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February 12, 2004

I was in the city yesterday. I met up with Showru and Karen. Loaded myself with lots of coffee. There’s something about the city I just can’t explain. As I stepped out of the BART tunnel, there was this exuberant feeling that exploded. As if life flowed in my vains.

It’s just being human I guess. You take for granted things that you have right in front of you and then you bitch and long for it when you don’t have it anymore. Karen said I’m just probably angsty. Perhaps. All artists are. The same reason why Sting I guess looks for pain before he writes songs. I wonder if that’s fact or fiction.

I let go a bit yesterday. Felt a bit better. Karen said something that made me feel good. She said she was excited about me finshing the RULE OF THREE. That’s because I’ve completed the circle. I’m now married and can actually vouch for my theory. Being on the other side of the fence. I have a clearer picture.

I should get back to writing. Lugging my latop to work is a pain since I walk to BART so I might as well bring the smaller one and type during the commute or perhaps I should just do it at home and lug ZEN, THE ART OF MAKING A LIVING.

Switch bags perhaps? Off to the dungeon : |

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